Sugilite Bracelet 8mm


Sugilite Bracelet 8mm



Sugilite is a stone embracing self-forgiveness, helping the body to recognize its natural healing ability on all accounts with its purple ray vibration embodying unconditional love. It is a stone that appeals to anyone feeling like an outsider, or anyone with Asperger’s, autism or dyslexia, relieving mental fatigue, headaches and promoting brain alignment. Sugilite helps those who are energetically sensitive align to the Earth’s vibration in a powerful way, shining light in times of darkness, allowing you to live in the present moment while transcending beyond time. It allows you to remember why you came into this life and aids you to understand how to live your most authentic life. Sugilite increases forgiveness and loving communication, positivity and channeling multidimensional healing. 

  • Bracelet is finished with 14k Yellow Gold hardware

  • Bead size on bracelet is 8mm (Bottom Bracelet In Photo)

  • Bracelet is available in multiple sizes on a stretch cord

  • Bracelet is hand crafted and ships from our Wax & Wane Jewelry headquarters in Los Angeles, CA

  • Price shown is for one bracelet

  • See FAQ for sizing questions

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