Selenite & Shungite & Sterling Silver 5mm


Selenite & Shungite & Sterling Silver 5mm


Selenite & Shungite & Sterling Silver

Shungite shields against negative energies and purifies against radiation, electromagnetic and geopathic pollution, microwave and vibrational emissions, as well as disease. Sterling Silver embodies the mysterious, introverted lunar energy of the Divine Feminine. It awakens the unconscious to harmonize your emotions and channel your empathic abilities to reveal the truth of what lies deep within you.  Research has shown that Shungite absorbs free radicals, bacteria and viruses and has been celebrated as a cure-all, used for years in Russian healing spas. It boosts well-being physically and can have a wonderful effect on your immune system. Selenite is thought of to be the sage of the mineral world, purifying and cleansing auric fields without the need of clearing itself. It is a stone that gently invites your spirit guides in to communicate with you while ensuring the connectivity is of pure and positive energy, tapping into your higher chakras. Shungite grounds the body to connect further to the earth, Selenite lends support to connect with your higher consciousness, and Sterling complements the duo with its introspective Feminine energy, leveling your emotions through times you feel low-vibe.

  • Bracelet is finished with sterling silver hardware

  • Bead size on bracelet is 5mm

  • Bracelet is available in multiple sizes on a stretch cord

  • Bracelet is hand crafted and ships from our Wax & Wane Jewelry headquarters in Los Angeles, CA

  • Price shown is for one bracelet

  • See FAQ for sizing questions

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