Malachite Tube & Black Tourmaline Bracelet 8mm


Malachite Tube & Black Tourmaline Bracelet 8mm


Malachite & Black Tourmaline Bracelet

Are you someone who travels often, has a big work commute, or are investing in your own creative business? This is the ultimate combo to wear whether you’re on-the-go or building your own empire. Known as the Traveler’s Stone, Malachite protects you from harm or accidents, and boosts abundance, prosperity and success in business. Malachite has long been celebrated in protecting against evil spirits, as it is known as a powerful cleansing stone. Black Tourmaline works as a grounding stone, absorbing negativity like a bad-vibe vacuum and protecting against any psychic attack. Malachite assists in the release of past-life or childhood trauma and promotes rebirth through transformation into a more conscious, present you. A protector of all, Black Tourmaline is an intense detoxification stone that balances male and female energies, while purifying dense energy into a lighter vibration. Malachite draws out deep feelings and unveils what is blocking your progression, releasing any behaviors or patterns that are no longer necessary. These two together are wonderful for protecting you in new business ventures, among negative people within a work environment, while you’re exploring the world, or simply every day to keep you safe while attracting new opportunities!

  • Bracelet is finished with stardust-finished gunmetal plated hardware

  • Bead size on bracelet is 8mm

  • Bracelet is available in multiple sizes on a stretch cord

  • Bracelet is hand crafted and ships from our Wax & Wane Jewelry headquarters in Los Angeles, CA

  • Price shown is for 1 bracelet

  • See FAQ for sizing questions

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