Chrysocolla Faceted Bracelet 6mm


Chrysocolla Faceted Bracelet 6mm


Chrysocolla Bracelet

Goddess energy, unencumbered! Chrysocolla has a supercharged, empowering, badass feminine vibe to help you truly tap into who you are and what you want, without the restrictions of fear, doubt, judgment, or worry of failure. In its alignment with the Divine, Chrysocolla cleanses and activates all chakras, boosting self-awareness, confidence, inspiration, and harnessing your personal power by letting go of phobias, guilt, or grief. Chrysocolla assists you in remaining impartial while reminding you to speak your truth with confidence to create stability in your home, relationships, and life overall. By healing heartache, reversing destructive habits, and increasing the capacity to love uninhibitedly, Chrysocolla breeds belief in the Self for attaining unlimited possibilities.  This is an amazing stone to pair with Moonstone for new, expecting, or trying mothers, as it combines the soothing Divine Feminine energy with Goddess empowerment!

  • Bracelet is finished with sterling silver hardware

  • Bead size on bracelet is 6mm

  • Bead is faceted

  • Bracelet is available in multiple sizes on a stretch cord

  • Bracelet is hand crafted and ships from our Wax & Wane Jewelry headquarters in Los Angeles, CA

  • Price shown is for one bracelet

  • See FAQ for sizing questions

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