Ametrine & Black Tourmaline Bracelet 4mm


Ametrine & Black Tourmaline Bracelet 4mm


Ametrine & Black Tourmaline

Ametrine is the natural melding of Amethyst and Citrine, these union of energies come together to impart self-knowing, then further allow the motivation to carry out the dreams that are realized. Ametrine instills divine connection and healing, opening up your higher stream of consciousness while providing a gentle, nurturing protection energy. It pulls your attention back to the importance of meditation, allowing your mind to elevate beyond the reality seen in the physical world and access awareness into the Higher Self. Ametrine provides strength through transformation, allowing you to uproot issues from childhood trauma or past lives, clearing away negative debris from the auric field. Ametrine boosts energies, imparts creativity and jump-starts your desire to take life back into your hands, while harmonizing emotions and overcoming fears. It boosts optimism, concentration and asks you to explore all possibilities by opening all doors to increase manifestation, prosperity and abundance. Black Tourmaline is an essential to any crystal arsenal. A powerful grounding stone, it absorbs negativity like a bad-vibe vacuum and protects against any psychic attack. A protector of all, this detoxification stone balances male and female energies, while purifying dense energy into a lighter vibration. It balances chakras and builds a protective shield -- ideal for those who are constantly on the go, in a negative work environment, globe-trotting or living in a large city. When wearing Tourmaline, you’ll feel a breath of fresh air as you release any additional heavy energies that do not belong to you or serve you. Tourmaline assists in understanding yourself and others, transforming negative thought patterns into positive ones and eliminating fear or victimization-mentality. It attracts inspiration, compassion, tolerance and prosperity. This combination of energies allows for total mental clarity through protection and grounded focus to fully commit to your true Self on your spiritual journey and let nothing stand in the way of an abundant future.

  • Bracelet is finished with stardust-finished gunmetal plated hardware

  • Bead size on bracelet is 4mm

  • Bracelet is available in multiple sizes on a stretch cord

  • Bracelet is hand crafted and ships from our Wax & Wane Jewelry headquarters in Los Angeles, CA

  • Price shown is for 1 bracelet

  • See FAQ for sizing questions

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